Services Offered

Do Good Get Good Giveback Program

As a way to strategically give back to the community, Shari Porter has devised the real estate version of “Paying it Forward”. By marrying both the nonprofit and for-profit real estate worlds, Porter Realty Boutique launched the “Do Good, Get Good Giveback Program”, where a percentage of every client commission will be donated towards helping those with a housing-related crisis.

This is not your everyday real estate agency…..This is a movement! Get on the bus…!! 

Concierge Planning Services

Our goal is to make every real estate transaction as effortless as possible. But, in today’s market, a real estate transaction without any bumps and bruises is truly a “unicorn”. Buying or selling a house can be a complicated transaction. These bumps and bruises can leave you feeling uncertain, intimidated, and constantly wondering what might come next.

At Porter Realty Boutique, we empathize with these uneasy feelings. In fact, we have designed a detailed, intimate, step-by-step guide to help you navigate the entire real estate process. Each client that works with our team will receive that guidance, explaining what to expect whether they’re buying, selling, or both.

It’s always less stressful when you know what to expect………

Housing Counseling

As a former Nationally Certified Housing Counselor, Porter is determined and dedicated to providing free, housing-related, counseling services to any and all in need of support … Whether Porter Realty Boutique can provide you with a plan, firsthand, or just point you in the right direction, we are committed to acting as a compass on your behalf…

Relocation Specialist

As a Relocation Specialist for many years, Porter Realty has the ability to help relocate clients, locally, from city to city, and, nationally, from state to state. With strong roots in NYC, we are well equipped to relocate clients from the city to the suburbs with ease! We have a strong component of cooperating brokers in many states ready to assist in your transition, helping to ease the stress of relocating.

Porter Protection Program

Personal Protection Seminar

  • Every client is entitled to a personal protection seminar, home, and security assessment at no cost to them.

  • Safe and Secure Wellness Checks are available, feel free to inquire by calling or emailing our office for more information.